Canna-Pet Review – How Canna-Pet gave me my Sass back!

(I was compensated with these snackies for this review, these opinions, however, are my own)

As many of you know, my injury may not come with much pain, but it does come with some discomfort from inflammation. I try to get plenty of exercise every day, but some days had me just not wanting do much.

Then we got to try Canna-Pet.  I had no issue taking the supplement in my food every morning, and eating a treat in the afternoon.


Then Mommy and Daddy noticed something.  My sassy spunky puppy energy started coming back, ringing the bell to go outside, requesting more play time every day.

And then.


I wanted to go for walkies.


It was the first time in months that I had actually wanted to go for walkies.  Sure I still was a little brat during some of the walk and wanted to be carried, but I walked most of the way with all that sassy energy that I’m known for!  The differences in my day to day have completely changed! 

I can’t recommend these snackies and supplements enough! The biscuits are so tasty, all the flavors are great but the Maple Bacon make me go crazy! You can’t go wrong with any of the CBD cookies and supplements! 

Not sure where to start, get a package of different flavors and options! It’ll save you money, which means you can get MORE snackies if you beg enough!

Don’t just take it from me, go out and try them yourselves! If you have any pupper friends who have anxiety, inflammation, joint pain, or arthritis, Canna-Pet is such a great company to start the road to a happier life with!